OFR Telecom Private Ltd.

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OFR Telecom Private Ltd.

10-P, Huda Market, Sector-29, Faridabad

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OFR Telecom is manufacturer & supplier for cross technology products & solutions. With international quality & focuson customer satisfaction, OFR Telecom is one of the preferred brands with customers.
State of the art engineering & products are designed by our engineering team to meet latest technical & quality standards. With the diverse & high end manufacturing base we are able to meet & exceed our customer requirements. With always available stock we are able to support our customers for their immediate requirements.

Our premium Optical Fiber products meet latest international quality standards. With whole range of fiber connectivity & fiber management products we provide complete end to end solution to our customers. OFR Telecom engineering team understands critical requirements of customers. With this thought OFR Telecom is offering enhanced quality FRP rods , ARP rods , Optical fiber cables & accessories. Our backward integration in products ensures quality, timely availability & faster delivery of products.