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3/F Tellhow Industrial Park, Hi-tech Industrial Area
Guanlan Town, Shenzhen 518110

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Registered in 2006, JPT Opto-lectronics is a ‘National High-tech Enterprise’ with around 500 employees. The company now focuses on the R&D, production, sales and technology service of fiber optics and fiber lasers. The products are widely used in optical communication, optical sensing, laser machining, medical laser care, etc.
JPT has a very strong R&D team with several PhDs and Masters. The team is always ready for technical service for the valued customers. JPT carries out several research projects and owns many patents and other intellectual properties.
JPT has its own production lines, warehouses, offices, research laboratories, etc. Its total area is around 20,000 square meters. During past few years, JPT has got several certifications like quality system ISO 9001:2008, TL certification, UL, RoHS, etc.
'Leading optical technologies for people'is the mission of JPT. With the rapid development, JPT will become a global outstanding solutions provider of fiber optics and fiber lasers in the near future.

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