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  • Fibre optic cables

    Nestor Cables range of cables includes a wide selection of fibre optic cables for various installation conditions and special requirements. The product range icludes for example direct buried, duct, indoor, indoor/outdoor and submarine cables, and also a variety of connection and installation accessories for fibre optic networks. There is also a comprehensive selection of copper telecom and instrumentation cables.
  • Microduct Cabling Solutions

    With Nestor Cables' solution you can create versatile and modifiable microduct networks efficiently. Microduct solution includes fibre optic cables, NesDuct microducts and connection accessories.
  • Telecom applications

    Product of Cuedee AB
    WE HAVE SINCE 1978 developed technical solutions and innovations for the telecom industry.In the very beginning the manufacturing was mainly radio amateur antennas, but later we focused more and more on adjustable antenna support structures. IN 1997 CUE DEE launched a new type of antenna support system simply called “the Antenna Support”. The Antenna Support was an immediate success because of its low weight,  flexibility, size and optimized strength. It was also unique due to the fact that …