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  • Fibre optic cables

    Nestor Cables range of cables includes a wide selection of fibre optic cables for various installation conditions and special requirements. The product range icludes for example direct buried, duct, indoor, indoor/outdoor and submarine cables, and also a variety of connection and installation accessories for fibre optic networks. There is also a comprehensive selection of copper telecom and instrumentation cables.
  • Microduct Cabling Solutions

    With Nestor Cables' solution you can create versatile and modifiable microduct networks efficiently. Microduct solution includes fibre optic cables, NesDuct microducts and connection accessories.
  • PETER-SERVICE VSP – Voice Service Platform

    Product of Peter-Service JSC
    Since their inception, telephone networks have provided value added services (VAS) in addition to the basic voice services. Examples of such value added voice services include an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service and a Voice Mail service. Today, fixed and mobile operators are building next-generation networks (NGN) based on packet-switching technology (IP networks) and 3GPP standards. Thanks to their openness, these standards are adopted by many equipment suppliers, with operators being a…