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  • SingularLogic S.A.

    SingularLogic, the largest software vendor in Greece, offers world-class, integrated technology solutions to the private and public sector, in South East Europe, Middle East and Africa. Its activities include the development and distribution of business Software products, the study, design and implementation of integrated IT solutions and services for both the private and the public sector, as well as the distribution and support of well-established international IT products. One of the area…
  • Value Added Services & IT Solutions

    SingularLogic offers a variety of Value Added Services as well as In-house developed or 3rd Party IT solutions, tailor made for the exclusive needs of Telecom Operators. -VAS:   1)MVNO Solutions   2)Multichannel Marketing Platform   3)Cloud Applications   4)Self Care Portals     5)Voice Portals   6)VAS in a Box -IT Solutions:   1)ERP   2)CRM   3)CTI   4)Software Development   5)Mobile Apps   6)Middleware   7)Business Inteligence   8)Retail Software Applications…