AquaSensor - Fibre optic humidity sensor

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Product description

Water penetrated into splicing boxes, e.g. through damage of the sleeve, imperfect sealing or a defective cable sheath, embrittles the fiber optic cable and causes microcracks. In the long term, this leads to deterioration of the fiber properties or even to an unexpected total loss of signal transmission.
The reliably working LANCIER AquaSensor early-warning system helps to obviate these consequences. It was especially developed for detecting water in splicing boxes of fiber optic cables. If the AquaSensor comes into contact with humidity, the fiber (ITU-T G.652) is bent in a controlled way to generate a measurable increase of attenuation, which can be shown as graphic representation using the LANCIER Monitoring System.
The LANCIER AquaSensor:
  • reports humidity and water in sleeves of fiber optic cables.
  • short response time allows the fault to be removed in good time before the transmission quality of the fiber optic cable is reduced.
  • exact localisation of the defective sleeve by remote read-out of the measured values using the LANCIER Monitoring System.
  • the sensor continues to be used after fault information due to the reversible behaviour of the humidity measuring tape.
  • quick and easy installation at the spliceholder.
The LANCIER AquaSensor can be inserted into all current boxes, and no metallic conductor is required for signalling.     

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